A cooperation with the Swedish police education unit and forensic department

October 2021 - January 2022

Methodology in Product Design

In the first-year term project „New Tools For Crime Scene Investigators“ I applied a theoretical approach to identifying potential product solutions. I set out to design a concept for a specific user group, using my skills to develop innovation with special emphasis on exploring the emotional responses of users as well as their professional and personal needs.

Within this process, I was able to get familiar with the four-pillar design approach of the Advanced Product Design program.

This project aimed to apply the philosophy of People-Centered Design (PCD) or Human Centred Design (HCD). In this approach, people are being seen in their social context rather than purely task-oriented „users. “ People-Centered Design shall be applied as an iterative process that focuses on understanding users and their context in all design and development phases. In the initial stage, user visits and interviews were conducted at Umeå University Police Training Department and Umeå Police Station.

Problem Definition

Weather conditions can often challenge a crime scene investigation in Scandinavia. The project’s goal was to design an ultra-light, easily storable, and reliable product solution that will protect evidence from contamination. The result of my process was the evidence protection kit – a pop-up tent that unfolds into an 80x100cm shelter in a matter of seconds. If needed, a second tent can be zipped on to cover larger pieces of evidence, up to the size of a human body. The cover can be secured from wind by tent pegs or by weighing down the side-flaps with heavy objects such as traffic pylons.

The kit protects evidence from inclement weather like rain, snow, ice, and wind. In addition, it does provide a physical privacy screen against the public. The graphic imprints were designed to emphasize the authority and presence of the respective police force.

Project Cornerflags


  • ✓ The product solution protects the evidence from contamination or destruction by natural forces like rain, snow, ice, or wind.
  • ✓ The product solution is easy and time-efficient to set up.
  • ✓ The product solution is easy to store in a limited trunk space.
  • ✓ The product solution is operatable by all patrolling police officers, respecting their gender, age, individual physique, and uniform.
  • ✓ The product solution does not touch the evidence, even though it might be sterilely packed.

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