Nils Achenbach

Industrial Designer and Technology Enthusiast,
specialising in People-Centered Experiences
integrating Hardware, Software and Services.

Advanced Product Design MFA at Umeå Institute of Design.
Former Industrial Designer at Phoenix, Above and Coloplast.

Master Thesis

Publication in May 2024

Bachelor Thesis

Subject to an NDA, publication scheduled for August 2024

Future Automation

A driver for food production in densely populated areas

Cisco Webcast

Premium audio recording for entry-level podcasters

iFixit MEO

The electric screwdriver to fix anything in your home.

Evidence Protection Kit

Protecting evidence on crime scenes in challenging weather conditions.

Electrolux Trio

A three-in-one dust cleaning device.


Enhanced spacial awareness combined with active noise cancellation

Campus Shuttle

Redefining urban mobility.

 WATCH Series 5 modeling exercise

Rhino 7 NURBS + SubD modeling


Bringing producers and consumers together.


A parametric checkroom