Nils Achenbach

Industrial Designer and Technology Enthusiast,
specialising in People-Centered Experiences
integrating Hardware, Software and Services.

Advanced Product Design MFA at Umeå Institute of Design.
Former Industrial Designer at Phoenix, Above and Coloplast.

Hydration Check Patch

Sweat Diagnostics as a path towards next-generation wellness and fitness tracking

Bachelor Thesis

Subject to an NDA, publication scheduled for August 2024

Future Automation

A driver for food production in densely populated areas

Cisco Webcast

Premium audio recording for entry-level podcasters

iFixit MEO

The electric screwdriver to fix anything in your home.

Evidence Protection Kit

Protecting evidence on crime scenes in challenging weather conditions.

Electrolux Trio

A three-in-one dust cleaning device.


Enhanced spacial awareness combined with active noise cancellation

Campus Shuttle

Redefining urban mobility.

 WATCH Series 5 modeling exercise

Rhino 7 NURBS + SubD modeling


Bringing producers and consumers together.


A parametric checkroom