Electrolux Trio is a three-in-one vacuum cleaner, offering tailored user experiences for every household member in a multigenerational household. It combines the comfort of an autonomous vacuum cleaner with the flexibility of a traditional dust broom by magnetically connecting a wooden stick to the device.

September 2021 - 4 week design sprint

TRIO is a versatile three-in-one vacuum cleaner designed to cater to the diverse needs of multigenerational households. It ingeniously merges the ease of an autonomous vacuum cleaner with the practicality of a traditional dust broom through a magnetic connection with a wooden stick. Styled with a minimalist aesthetic inspired by Scandinavian design, TRIO is crafted to blend seamlessly into various interior spaces. It is equipped with intelligent sensors, allowing users to interact innovatively, such as recalling the autonomous vacuum to dock with the stick for manual use.

handheld mode
manual mode
robot mode