Sweat Diagnostics

Advanced Hydration and Health Monitoring through Real-Time Biomarker Tracking

Non-invasive biomarker reading is a method of assessing biological markers in the body without resorting to invasive techniques like blood draws or biopsies. This approach analyzes bodily fluids that can be quickly and painlessly obtained, such as saliva, sweat, urine, breath, and tear fluid. Each of these substances can provide valuable information about various health conditions. 

For instance, saliva can reveal hormonal imbalances, infections, and drug levels, while sweat can offer insights into electrolyte balance and metabolic functions. Urine testing is widely used to detect glucose, proteins, and blood cells indicative of diseases like diabetes or kidney issues. Breath analysis, detecting volatile organic compounds, could help diagnose respiratory diseases and certain types of cancer. Tear fluid is also gaining attention for its potential to reveal ocular and systemic diseases. The development of sensors to measure biomarkers in skin interstitial fluid is an emerging area of research.

The benefit of non-invasive methods lies in their minimal risk and discomfort, making them especially suitable for frequent monitoring required in chronic disease management and in sensitive populations such as
children and the elderly. 

As technology advances, the accuracy and scope of non-invasive biomarker readings are expected to improve continually, positioning them as an increasingly vital tool in medical diagnostics and personalized medicine.

This project will be designed for individuals seeking dependable insights into their hydration levels and overall health. My goal is to introduce a simplified tracking process by eliminating the need for manual tracking of water intake and the unpleasant experience of time-consuming blood draws. This should not only ease the user experience but also offer peace of mind to the users and their loved ones, ensuring a seamless and passive approach to health monitoring. 

Publication at the UID talks on the 28th of May 2024
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