Magnetic Line “Lighthouse”

A cooperation with Villeroy&Boch

My goal was to create an innovative unique selling proposition for the new market presence of Villeroy & Boch in children’s ceramic ware.
Within three months of cooperation a new tableware collection was created, offering the customer a new user experience.

The “Lighthouse” tableware for children invites the young user into a lovingly designed theme world. Disguised as a lighthouse, the cup of the eight-part dinnerware represents the main character of the maritime set. Children are allowed to play with their dishes, making them excited for healthy nutrition as well as giving them free space for their creativity in storytelling.
Parents benefit from a reduced risk of drinks being spilled or dishes falling from the tray. The product is made possible by inserting a magnet into the bottom of the raw ceramic. This new type of connection technology between ceramic and metal enables the exceptional unique selling proposition.

Ideation Workshop near Lake Como, Italy

The project Kickoff took off in April 2019 with a design sprint workshop. In a breathtaking setting, the “Villa Adenauer” right in front of Lake Como in Italy, the 15 students at Coburg University of Applied Sciences created first product concepts in cooperation with the HTW Berlin. In a short film, I captured the working atmosphere at the two-day workshop.

Ein Film von Nils Achenbach, im April 2019

In addition to concept development, model building played a key role in this project. With regards to the final presentation at the company’s headquarters in Mettlach, at the scale of 1: 1 a final prototype of every object in the set was manufactured, after building dozens of mockups.

The point of sale is supposed invite the customer into the maritime themed world. The lighthouse as a flagship of the product set is represented on the point of sale. A hands-on area takes up the majority of the exhibition space. A table continuing the shape of the Lighthouse as a dock, offers space to present the tableware. Product sets are stored in a treasure chest, fascinating every kid passing by.