"Campus Shuttle is a mobility concept that connects specific areas, such as universities, company premises, airports or trade fairs. Our mission statement was to create a fusion of an autonomous vehicle with its surrounding architecture."

April 2020 - February 2021

“Campus Shuttle” is a mobility concept that connects specific areas, such as campuses for students or companies, airports, or trade fairs. Besides focusing on the functional aspects of a fully autonomous vehicle, our mission statement was to fuse the vehicle with its surrounding architecture.

Since electric and fully autonomous vehicles are rolling out on the market, we went the extreme route and created a concept for the public sector, that integrates seamlessly into urban environments. An ultra-low base frame and an almost entirely transparent exterior give the vehicle a very iconic look while being functional at the same time. A topic that is often overlooked in public transport in general is accessibility. With a retractable ramp we close the gap to the sidewalk and create a seamless transition. Designing with the vision of a symbiosis between vehicle and its surroundings leads to a less cluttered cityscape and gives the passenger a more immersive experience.

This is Campus Shuttle – A first look.

Central to the design of “Campus Shuttle” is a low base-frame, which incorporates an intelligent rail mechanism. The central column, including a 70″ inch display, reinforces a structure made of glass and aluminum.
Independently controlled motors can move the vehicle’s glass panels to open the vehicle’s exterior façade by 160° degrees. This enables more efficient and simultaneous boarding of multiple passengers while shortening stopping sequences.

Ideation session in May 2020