Ein Festnetztelefon für die Zielgruppe 65+


Nowadays, landline phones are packed with features. The results are phones that are complicated to use. If you think of easy tasks like creating contacts, organising voicemails and looking for missed calls, the chance of finding the wanted result is nearly impossible. Especially users with the age of 65+ have tremendous difficulties in learning how to use interfaces and understanding the meaning of buttons. In this project we created an entirely new way of interacting with a landline phone.

October 2018

An interface as advanced as the technology behind it.

SUMI defines a new standard in interacting with your landline telephone. One of the groundbreaking innovation in smartphones is the Touchscreen. Touching the content gives a sense of orientation in most modern Apps. While the use of touchscreens can unveil serious problems, especially for people with lesser understanding of digital technology,
SUMI combines the great capability to contextually change buttons, which can be pressed physically. Depending on the action you are about to execute,
the display-keys helps to understand your contextual options, and highlights their meaning with understandable icons.

While designing SUMI, the users Feedback on prototypes was crucial. On a regular basis, target-group users at the age of 65+ were asked to give their opinion on dimensions, Software capabilities and UX design. In result I was able to enhance the products features, leading to a unique user experience.