SimplyMilk. It’s a promise.

Fluctuating milk prices and price wars between discounters are just some of the tremendous financial challenges that dairy farmers face. Farmers are increasingly not getting enough money for their milk to make their businesses profitable. As a result of these circumstances, numerous concepts of direct marketing have developed in recent years, such as milk vending machines, which are mainly found in rural regions in Germany. Producers of regional products thus benefit from higher margins compared to large dairy farms. However, milk vending machines have usually been difficult to locate and difficult to operate. Conventional dispensers only dispense raw milk, which must be heated before consumption. A new service idea involves heating the milk directly after milking on the farm and selling it through an innovative milk vending machine. SimplyMilk helps environmentally conscious customers buy responsibly and regionally.

The result is a more inclusive experience between consumers and producers, helping customers to understand the value of fresh, sustainable, and responsible nutrition.

Direct marketing as a megatrend.

SimplyMilk stands for a fresh, hygienic, and simple way of shopping, in addition to a low environmental footprint. Users of the service are provided with a sterile milk bottle when they make their first purchase and are asked to reuse it when they shop again. This step can save around 18 kilograms of packaging waste per customer per year.

A redesigned interaction process provides the customer with a pleasant and appealing shopping experience. In addition to a generously designed ceramic dispensing unit, SimplyMilk is characterized by the hygienically insulated storage chamber for removing the sterile glass bottle.
After filling the milk with the aid of an analog dispensing tap, the milk bottle can be sealed with a metal lid. If necessary, wipes can be taken from an integrated dispenser.

Customers can bring their personal bottle and save a certain percentage per liter of milk with the help of a customer card.
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SimplyMilk brings producers together with customers who value fresh and regional products when shopping. With regional direct marketing, farmers receive a fair price for their milk. And consumers benefit from an incomparably fresh product.