“Outline” is based on the idea of creating a font by abstracting letters to the maximum, while at the same time allowing for effortless recognition of the respective characters. Individuals perceive their environment not as a sum of isolated elements, but in orderly states, shapes and images. The brain initially completes simple basic shapes to form abstract entities, which can then be identified and finally allow the access of relevant context information. This perception mechanism is strongly influenced by learning processes – since childhood, we recognize the 26 letters of the alphabet influenced by learning processes, even if parts of a letter are hidden or missing.

April 2018

Starting from a simple capital letter, the contours of the individual letters were gradually abstracted using white spaces with the aim of unifying maximum reduction and easy recognition. Finally, a modern, elegant typeface with a minimalist character was created. Although less suitable for continuous text, Outline is ideal for creating headlines or highlights.