Cisco Webcast

Premium audio recording with an undisturbed focus on content creation.

Designed by Nils Achenbach and Felix Wildberger in 2022

With the Webcast product family, Cisco offers a series of premium sound recording devices designed specifically for entry-level podcasters and streamers. The DeskMic, DeskStand, WirelessGo Transmitters, and LavalierMic have been developed to be a modular product family that grows with the user’s skillset.

Webex builds the foundation for the Webcast product lineup as a reliable and secure communication platform. The software provides podcasters with a centralized place to organize, record, post-process, and share their creative work.

The Webcast Desk Microphone was designed for maximum recording flexibility to allow more guests to be invited into the conversation with uncompromised audio quality. Podcast hosts can expand their audio configuration with optional Lavalier microphone clips to achieve optimal recording quality. In addition, the ultra-light clips can be matched to the guest’s outfit using interchangeable silicone cases.

“At first, I had difficulties getting used to the technical specifications which are one of the biggest obstacles for podcasters today. For me personally, Webcast has made both the transport and the technical setup easier so that I can focus entirely on my guests no matter the location. For me, this concept would undoubtedly revolutionize the way we do podcasts in the future.”

Julia Czutta Muñoz, spanish-austrian podcaster.
Mujeres del Mundo is a spanish podcast starring women working in diplomacy.  

All audio products communicate with the “WirelessGo Reciever” via radio connection to ensure a secure and reliable data stream. All this happens to manage the audio setup intelligently so that the podcaster can focus on content creation.

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