"Campus Shuttle is a mobility concept that connects specific areas, such as universities, company premises, airports or trade fairs. Our mission statement was to create a fusion of an autonomous vehicle with its surrounding architecture."

April 2020 - February 2021

This is Campus Shuttle – A first look.

Ideation session in May 2020

Central to the design of “Campus Shuttle” is a low base-frame, which incorporates an intelligent rail mechanism. The central column, including a 70″ inch display, reinforces a structure made of glass and aluminum.
Independently controlled motors can move the vehicle’s glass panels to open the vehicle’s exterior façade by 160° degrees. This enables more efficient and simultaneous boarding of multiple passengers, while shortening stopping sequences. Designing with the vision of a symbiosis between vehicle and its surroundings not only leads to a less cluttered cityscape but also gives the passenger a more immersive experience.