Nils Achenbach I Resumé

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Personal Data

Born 19.05.1999 (22) in Aschaffenburg, Germany.
Raised in St.Peter, a small village in the Black Forest,
in the southwest of Germany.

Currently living in Umeå, Sweden.

St.Peter, Germany

School education

Deutsch-Französisches Gymnasium, Freiburg – (2009 – 2017)
Competition with the German-French Diploma

The Franco-German Gymnasium in Freiburg sees itself as a binational and bicultural encounter with special status based on the Franco-German Treaty of 1963. This provides close cooperation in the cultural field and coordinated efforts in education between Germany and France. From the age of 10 until my graduation, I grew up with classes including both german and french students. This encouraged me in being inclusive, mastering teamwork, and ultimately create my European identity.


University of Applied Sciences, Coburg – (2017-2021)

Program of Study: Integrated Product Design, Bachelor of Arts, Final Grade: 1,3

Founded in 1998, the Integrated Product Design Program of the University of Applied Sciences Coburg merges the disciplines of design, engineering, business, manufacturing, aesthetics, visual perception as well as human-product interaction. Students have access to a large workshop area that allows for the production of prototypes and mock-ups of the envisaged products. Specific lectures on material sciences, manufacturing technologies, technical mechanics, and ergonomics enhanced my understanding of real-world needs in future innovations.

Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden – (since 2021)
Program of Study: Advanced Product Design, Master of Fine Arts

For a record sixth consecutive year, Umeå Institute of Design has claimed the top spot in the Red Dot Ranking, listing top design educations in Europe and the Americas. The school offers a highly competitive, professional, and international industrial design education supported by leading research as well as cutting-edge technical facilities. The Red Dot Ranking is a reflection of the designs created by students over a five-year period. This year’s winning student projects from Umeå Institute of Design (UID) range from innovative tools for telecom tower technicians to equipment for the next generation of intensive care units.

“For a small industrial design school like Umeå Institute of Design, this result is a clear recognition of the pool of top talent that can always be found here. It’s a confirmation of the quality of the work that our students deliver and it’s a testament to our dedication to preparing skilled and responsible designers willing to tackle the challenges of tomorrow”, says Demian Horst, head of Umeå Institute of Design.

The international and Swedish school was founded in 1989 to give future designers the best possible start of a life-long professional and personal career. As the design is constantly evolving in response to changes in society and the environment, education and research at the Umeå Institute of Design aims to be at the forefront of addressing the future foundations of industrial design.

Students develop advanced industrial design skills with the toolkit and mindset needed to create, develop and design new relevant product solutions, exploring design through the lens of environmental and societal challenges. During my education, I had the opportunity to collaborate the well-known household appliance manufacturer Electrolux and the national Swedish police department for forensic investigations.

Practical experience

Internship at Above, Studio Malmö (6 months)

Above is a Scandinavian innovation agency that creates beautiful, smart, valuable products and services that improve life. Today, and tomorrow. Through a seamless fusion of strategy, design and technology, Above transforms businesses, brands, products and services and equip them for the future. As a team of creatives, Above helps them tell relevant and meaningful stories, creating real relationships between brand, product and user.

Internship at Phoenix Design, Studio Shanghai (6 months)

Since 1987, PHOENIX has been creating products, interactions and digital ecosystems based on the fundamental values of logic, morality, and magic. More than 800 design awards (1st place in the iF World Design Index) recognize and confirm the quality and continuity of the work worldwide, including the honorary title “Red Dot: Design Team of the Year 2018”. During my 6 months in Shanghai, I got to design for Asian clients and learned how to successfully communicate my visions. Including ideation, prototyping, CAD creation, and CGI visualization, this internship took my skill set to the next level. Living in one of the biggest cities on earth was a formative experience, revealing and inspiring.

Internship at smartfilmmedia in Freiburg (6 weeks)

Tasks: Attend the business of a TV- and Corporate film producer
Leadership and production of a corporate film for the German-French-Secondary School, Freiburg

Language skills

German (mother tongue)
English (excellent command)
French (very good command)
Chinese (basic skills)

International experience
Exchange (one week) in Nevers, France (2012)
Exchange (five weeks) in Brussels, Belgium (2014)
International Work (six months) in Shanghai, China (2019/20)
Intensive traveling around the world (ever since)

Basics of Design
The main target in my design process is to establish an individual understanding of product identities and integrated product approaches, which, in the course of complex and transdisciplinary projects, enabled me to deal self-assuredly with all facets of artifacts in the different dimensions of their usage.

Computer-Aided Design
The combination of manual and digital techniques in a two-dimensional space enables a variety of individual ways of expression. Working with image-editing and layout software supports my envisioning process and the documentation of its results. In addition to in-depth knowledge of Adobe CC applications, I love working with AffinityPublisher/Designer/Photo by Serif as well as Sketch and Final Cut Pro X.

Designing and Construction
With the help of precise tasks, I got to know methodical designing and engineering. Furthermore, practical design methods were lectured in Technical Design and Methodology of Design programs. During my internship at Phoenix Design Shanghai, I got to strengthen my knowledge of branding, product portfolio development, and strategic competencies.

Graphic Design
My know-how on typography in the subject of Graphic Design includes elaborate knowledge of micro-and macro- typography, typesetting, and layout. On a day-to-day basis, I design digital presentations, banners, portfolios, and booklets.

Design Drawing
My drawing-related education in university mainly dealt with graphic drawing, which means to draw the object in mind as precisely and realistically as possible. In the following years, I became more and more used to digital drawing techniques, realizing Renderings on my iPad Pro and Wacom tablet.

Photography and Videography
My passion for cameras and artistic composition in photography existed since my early childhood. Especially when documenting processes for my projects, I appreciate taking product shots, portraits, and mood pictures. My Canon 5DMk4 follows me in every step I take, to capture every inspiring moment.
In the last few months, I got to learn many different aspects in virtual composition of animations in Keyshot, which I am excited to expand in the future.

CAD and CAM in Design Training
I am used to working with a wide variety of programs in production processes, especially in model making. The employment of 3D printing and CNC milling techniques leads to realizing continuity from the CAD model to the final product. Speaking of favorites, I especially love working with Rhinoceros 7 and Keyshot 10.

My vision

My goal for the future is to lead a design team conceiving ingenious, beautiful, and truly recognizable products that touch the lives of millions of people around the world. I aim to put great emphasis on environmentally friendly products, possibly help push the boundaries of medical research, to implement the use of next-generation materials, and always maintain a natural interaction. Finally, my design should put a smile on the user’s face – the ultimate reward for the work of a designer.

Let’s do something great and put it out there.